Day 38: Still Winning

Monday, 2/7/12

I took a massive nap today, not even sure it’s still a nap because I slept for five hours! Yesterday was pretty exciting though. It was all over the television last night and today and will probably continue on like this for awhile.

And it kind of spilled over into today’s Spanish class as well. It didn’t help that some of us girls kept looking up pictures of the Spanish team (guilty). And adorable things like this:

Eventually Antonio (our professor) managed to incorporate football into today’s lesson and we were pretty satisfied with that. There is a tension in Spain because of regional v. national sentiment, which can be seen within the Spanish national team itself. Gerard Piqué, a regionalist from Cataluña, has had some brush-ups against Sergio Ramos, a nationalist and fellow teammate. Even football can get political!

It was something we didn’t know, interesting to learn about, and completely relevant! Because there is a complexity in pretty much everything, and because everything is connected, it really is the job of the professor to channel interests to the right things.

Okay, that is all. I slept too much today. If you want to learn more, there’s also an entire documentary on the subject of the history of the Spanish national team. I haven’t watched it in entirety but here you go:


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